Analysis of clinical data

Optimize the revenue of your inpatient billing cases

Revenue optimization

Secure revenue by proper clinical coding

Your inpatient billing cases are analyzed by a sophisticated filter logic and compared with data from the hospital information system (HIS). Suitable optimization approaches are provided to prevent bills from being too low (downcoding) or too high (upcoding). This ensures proper and revenue-optimized coding (right coding).

Realtime analysis

The analysis of your data is based on your §21 datasets at your desired intervals (e.g. daily, weekly).

Furthermore the analysis of your billing datasets can also be done retrospectively (previous year's data).

Reimbursement analyses

Determine the reimbursement potential of your product for hospitals

Coding guidelines are a common service to guarantee pharmaceutical and medical technology customers an added value that goes beyond the product benefit. We offer you the chance to point out these reimbursement possibilities in a hospital-specific and product-linked manner by presenting the exact remuneration potential to your customer.

No GDPR issues

The reimbursement potential analysis is based on previously anonymized billing datasets. Anonymization meaning that any personal references are no longer available hence the GDPR does no longer apply. Data records can therefore also be provided to pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

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